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 Alarm Video Verification

Video Verification

Video Verification means that the monitoring company has video proof that the burglar alarm is not a false alarm.  There a many systems out there that have these capabilities. When an alarm is triggered the central station operator can view a video clip of what caused the alarm.  Video Verification has many benefits including a quicker response time from the authorities with a verified alarm and a better chance of a suspect being apprehended at the scene.  There are cost-effective ways to get Video Verification in your home or business now.

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Verified Response

Verified Response means that the police agency needs to have proof that the alarm occurring is not a false alarm before they will respond.  This can be done in a few ways.  Either someone needs to be on the property to verify that a crime was or is being committed or your alarm system needs to have verification capabilities and the alarm monitoring center has video or audio that suggests a crime is occurring on the property. Police agencies that have adopted Verified Response will still respond to panic, duress and hold-up alarm signals.

The reason some police agencies have adopted the Verified Response policy is because on average over 90% of burglar alarms end up being false alarms.  False alarms happen due to improper installation of the alarm system, faulty systems and user error. Again, it is not a policy that many police agencies and cities have approved, but you should check with your local police department to see what their protocol is.