OMD Security can provide you with a copper theft security system, expertly installed to prevent theft of copper from your place of business or home.

Copper theft involves someone breaking in and stealing the copper from many electronic appliances in order to make a profit.

Such appliances include air conditioning units, heaters, electrical wires throughout the facility, washing machines, sound systems, plumbing, power lines and almost anything else with electricity in your home.

Several reports state that copper theft has caused over one billion dollars of damages in just a year alone. The last thing you need is this much damage happening to you.

In addition to costing you a lot of extra money in repairs, it can be dangerous and cause disruption and difficulties that you just don't need in your life.

Most thieves go to construction sites, abandoned buildings, and commercial units just to steal copper with little value compared to the amount of damage it causes you.

Sometimes for only $25 worth of copper, it can cause damages of over $3000. Sometimes the damage can get so bad that it is impossible to repair and needs to be replaced completely.

Using one of OMD Security's copper theft alarms, we can help you prevent this.

The value of copper has kept on increasing, causing more and more incidents of theft.

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