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OMD Security now offers a temporary or movable alarm to help you in situations where you require safety but don't have electricity, a phone line, or need a fast solution.

These alarms can help provide security in places such as building sites, newly purchased or sold properties, vacation homes, warehouses, and anywhere else that does not have a working phone line or power.

The systems we use include video systems to help avoid false alarms. It installs quickly, effectively, wirelessly, and is very affordable.

These security motion detector cameras can be installed anywhere and everywhere you need.

Our new systems alert the police quickly, helping prevent theft or damage to property.

Being wireless, there is nothing that can cause malfunction or can be stopped by an intruder. This helps prevent property crimes, and ensures the safety of the residence and all assets being protected.

These systems allow police to get a faster response, which leads to reduced crime and more arrests.

These systems are newly designed and very easy to learn. If there is any confusion you can watch a video or take an online class and learn all of its capabilities in under 15 minutes.

It can function in any situation. Inside or outside, in any weather, and can be in all size locations.

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