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Running a business is tough enough without worrying about what happens when you are away. Or even when you’re not. OMD Security can provide you with the video surveillance solutions you need to protect your place of business and your assets, as well as avoid employee theft.
Prevent losses and make sure your employees are productive with a trusted video surveillance system that ensures you will keep intruders out while keeping things humming on the inside, too. Sadly, employee theft is on the rise, and infractions span the theft of money, time, supplies, merchandise, and company property. Video surveillance significantly helps reduce employee theft and aids in identifying offenders when it does occur.
Technological advances have made both analog and IP-based video surveillance more affordable, and unobtrusive, than ever before. A video surveillance system from OMD Security will enable you to take care of business in the most secure of ways. The quality cameras, lighting and recorders we offer will give you added security and peace of mind.

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